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Uniontown, OH 44685

Welcome to the Mystic Pointe Home Owners Association website.  The goal of the association is to help maintain the property value of our members.  The Board of Trustees is entrusted with maintaining and enforcing the by laws, deed restrictions, and covenants that help us maintain the value of our property.  We encourage our members to be familiar with these documents and have provided them within this website for your reference.  It is important to understand that all members have agreed to comply with these documents when purchasing their property within Mystic Pointe.  Your current Mystic Pointe Board of Trustees and elected committee members are:

HOA BOARD                                                                      
Michelle Davin                                                                  
Robert Duffrin                                                   
Klaus Fischer                                                              
Amy Stansak
T.J. Weber                                                                  
Robert Duffrin 330-454-2136
Tom Shreves, 216-802-9512
Amy Stansak
Amy Prater 
Nick and Karen Kostoff
It is the responsibility of the Board to be judicious with member dues and focus on maintaining member property values.  However, the Board will support volunteer driven activities that enhance the living experience of the majority of our members.  These events and activities fall outside of the Mystic Pointe HOA By Laws and must be member driven.  All proposals will be reviewed by the Board to assure that the proposal enhances the living experience of the majority of the members and has sufficient volunteer support to be successful prior to financial support being granted by the Board.   Members are encouraged to communicate with the Board by using the Contact Us form on this website.  All emails to the board will receive feedback. The Board wants to thank you for your support in making Mystic Pointe an excellent place to live. 
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